who would've thought... it figures
  • me yesterday night : lol who needs sleep
  • me today: i do. i need sleep.
  • me tonight: lol who needs sleep

That’s the funny thing about scars, you know. They’re always there. It doesn’t mean they haven’t healed.

eric & sookie | TRUE BLOOD | Death is Not the End
"I’m h i s." / "She’s m i n e."


answering the door when you’re home alone like


Maybe my destiny is more than just secretly saving people. Maybe it’s also to give people hope. Someone to believe in.



have you ever started reading a book and just put it down and thought “i have read better fiction by fifteen-year-olds with microsoft word and a fanfiction.net account”


(Most notably: ebooks that were free for a reason)


if i had a dollar for every time someone spelled my name wrong, i could pay for college, semester abroad, a new car, and a mansion in cash.

↳  Eric Northman 
    True Blood  | 7.04  ”Death Is Not the End”

The Walking Dead: Season 1

We survive this by pulling together, not apart.  


im just waitin for some mysterious person to come into my life and tell me i am the chosen one for some crazy ass mission thing which will be no surprise to me cuz i rock n i kick butt n then ill save the world but in a cool n badass way n probably look hot as heck while doing it